We aim to deliver a quality triathlon.


The University of Nottingham Triathlon Club is an active and growing triathlon club. We've grown from 5 members 5 years ago to just over 100 members today. Similarly, over the last three years, we have seen Sandicliffe Notts Triathlon (formerly Notts Varsity Triathlon) become ever more popular. It is the highlight of the year for the club, and we aim to make it one for you too.

Over the last three years, our inaugural event has been incredibly successful because of you. We were honoured to win University of Nottingham Sport Event of the Year in 2015! We look forward to building on our initial success and bringing back an even more successful event this year.

We look forward to welcoming returning participants, with a real emphasis on introducing beginners to the sport in a friendly, supporting atmosphere.




StuWeb RFID Timing Solutions

Our Timing  partner is StuWeb. They will be providing timing services as well Race Management Assistance . Their well deserved reputation for incredible multisport events means that Varsity Triathlon has the industry expertise to be very successful.


UoN Sports Injury Clinic

UoN Sports Injury Clinic will be offering a free post race 10 min massage to all competitors and will be offering £25, 30 min massages during the weeks before and after the event. To get these offers all you need is your race confirmation email.


Putting on a triathlon is a massive undertaking and we could use all the help we can get. An event is only as good as its volunteers! If you would be interested in helping out manage Notts Triathlon, please let us know. Further information on the roles available are below.

 We are so grateful to everyone who volunteers to help us put this event on.

We are so grateful to everyone who volunteers to help us put this event on.


  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older.
  • Attendance at a volunteer orientation session on Thursday 14th June at 17:30.


  • Event memento
  • Lunch provided on the day
  • Free Tea and Coffee


Role Descriptions:

  • Marshal: Marshals are the backbone of any successful event. As a marshal you'll be stationed at a point on the course to keep people going in the right direction! It's a great role if you know people competing, as you can encourage them as they make their way around the course.
  • Registration: Everyone competing will have to register. On registration you'll see everyone taking part and sign them in, whilst also handing them all the extra kit they'll need for the race. This is a role recommended for those who have done triathlons before - as the nervous competitors will often have questions about how the whole thing works!
  • Transition: You'll be tasked with looking after competitors kit and bikes whilst also keeping an eye on competitors straying off course by going the wrong way out of transition.
  • Swimming Pool: Volunteers here will be involved in helping competitors find their way to transition or helping keep a tab on how many lengths an individual has completed.
  • Triathlon Village: Our Sandicliffe Triathlon Village looks to be bigger and bolder than last year. We'll have a stage with various acts performing throughout the day and plenty of visiting stalls providing food and merchandise. Volunteers will be needed to help ensure everything goes smoothly here, whether by guiding acts to the relevant spot or helping lost vendors get back to their stall!
  • Timekeeping/Officials: As in the name - we'll be needing qualified individuals to keep record various timings and ensure competitors abide by the rules.
  • Security/Parking: We need volunteers to help people, especially those who are visiting, to get to designated parking spots. If you're good at directions - this is perfect for you.
  • Set Up/Tear Down: The course requires a lot of signposting and equipment to prevent our competitors from getting lost, as part of this team you'll help us set up  the event and or/tear it all down once it's finished.

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