Is there a paratriathlon wave?

We invite athletes of all abilities to participate in Varsity Triathlon. During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate if you have a disability and if so what type. We will then ensure everything is done to accommodate you and your needs. As the race approaches, we will be in contact to make sure you are comfortable with the arrangements we have made for your safe and enjoyable participation.

Are there youth or junior waves?

It is our intention to launch Notts Varsity TriStars Aquathlon this year for youth and junior participation. The event will consist of a pool swim followed by an undulating run in the Downs. We're still working out the exact details and will announce them shortly.

What is in the Triathlon Village?

The Triathlon Village will include the finish line as well as many of our exciting partners, sponsors, and vendors. We plan to have several different food options available for purchase as well as some triathlon kit for sale from local shops.

Is there storage available during the triathlon?

Transition will be secure throughout the race, although we ask that only your race kit be stored in an orderly manner there. We will additionally have a secure storage area available for a small fee located near registration this year. We would recommend leaving more expensive or personal items at home or in your car.