Varsity Triathlon is Less than 1 Month Away!

It's hard to believe that Varsity Triathlon is less than one month away. We, as the Triathlon Club at the University of Nottingham, have dreamed for many years of hosting our own triathlon, but it wasn't until about a year ago that we thought it might be possible. Since we started seriously exploring the possibility, it's been an exciting if not sometimes daunting process to  turn those dreams into reality.

We're busy in the midst of race preparations with fewer than four weeks remaining until the first waves take off. Ensuring that the race is safe and well managed, spreading the word about entries and promoting the event, and working to make sure that everyone's race experience is as good as possible has many of us working hard, but I know that it will be all worth it come the morning of 22 of March. We do hope to see you then and hope that you have a fun and memorable time at Varsity Triathlon.

We aim to use this blog to keep you informed about the event. I will give you some general updates about the event and one of our new club members Leona will tell you about her own personal preparations for her race. Like many participants, Varsity Triathlon will be Leona's very first triathlon and, while we're sure she'll do incredibly well, it will be interesting to hear about her experience preparing along the way. Hopefully we'll hear from others on the blog along the way.

Keep training hard and we'll look forward to welcoming you onto the beautiful University Park campus for Varsity Triathlon soon.

Benjamin Beranek

PhD student researching Social Preferences as part of the CeDEx research group in the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham. President of UoN Triathlon and Co-Director of Varsity Triathlon. Member of St. Mary's Wollaton Park and fan of burritos.