Notts Triathlon

A Sprint Triathlon and a TriStars Aquathlon open to participants of all ages held on University Park campus 


The award winning Notts Triathlon and TriStars Aquathlon returns to the beautiful University of Nottingham campus on Sunday, 17th June 2018

This sprint triathlon consists of a 400m swim at the University Park swimming Pool, a hilly 5 lap (15km) cycle on internal university campus roads, followed by a 5km run through around campus and Highfields Park lake. The popular and exciting triathlon village, along with the finish, registration, and transition, will be held at the foot of the new state of the art David Ross Sports Village.

This event is open to students and the general public with an emphasis on beginners who have never done multi-sport events before. There will also be an elite final wave, where the top students in the Midlands race to represent their university! In addition, the popular TriStars Aquathlon returns in the afternoon for children 8 years and over to enjoy multi-sport racing in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you there!










General entry

  • Notts Triathlon (early bird offer) - £40

  • Notts Triathlon Relay Team - £30

  • TriStars Start Aquathlon (age 8) - £15

  • TriStars 1 Aquathlon (ages 9-10) - £15

  • TriStars 2 Aquathlon (ages 11-12) - £15

  • TriStar 3 Aquathlon (ages 13-14) - £15

Charity Entry

Use discount code: CBTRC when paying

  • Notts Triathlon - £27.00 with commitment to raise £100
  • Notts Triathlon Relay Team - £18 with commitment to raise £300
  • TriStars Start Aquathlon (age 8) - £7.50 with commitment to raise £50
  • TriStars 1 Aquathlon (ages 9-10) - £7.50 with commitment to raise £50
  • TriStars 2 Aquathlon (ages 11-12) - £7.50 with commitment to raise £50
  • TriStar 3 Aquathlon (ages 13-14) - £7.50 with commitment to raise £50

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This is a magnificent landmark event for the University, made all the more impressive by the fact that it’s been organised by our students. The triathlon will be a fantastic day for competitors and spectators but most importantly will help to raise valuable funds in support of our Life Cycle campaign.
— Professor Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Nottingham
This is a spectacular project with benefits to alumni, the community, amateur and top level sports people... it begs the question: why aren’t we doing this already?
— Mike Olatokun, Student Union Community Officer
Life Cycle is looking forward to partnering with Varsity Triathlon to support this cause. We hope that you will take the opportunity to raise funds from your challenge for research.
— Jen Wickham, Life Cycle
We are excited to support our Triathlon Club to host our very first triathlon event on the University campus. The varsity competition will engage both students and members of the public in sport, and will hopefully inspire many to take the plunge and try out triathlon for the first time, whilst allowing our top level triathletes to excel in an event showcasing both our beautiful campus and our state-of-the-art sporting facilities.
— Dan Tilley, Director of Sport at the University of Nottingham