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Varsity Triathlon

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Event Details and Schedule

Final details are yet to be confirmed but currently we plan to have multiple waves of general entry participants followed by two Elite Varsity waves.

6.30am - Registration and Transition Opens (Transition will be secure and only registered participants will be able to access it)

9am-12.30pm – General Entry Waves. Start times will be based on estimated 400m swim time. A start list with exact start times will be emailed to registered participants and released on the Varsity Triathlon website the week of the race.

Rough estimates of swim start times are:

  • 9-9.30am: Participants with estimated 400metre swim times greater than 9 minutes
  • 9.30-10.15am: Participants with estimated 400metre swim times between 7-9 minutes
  • 10.15am-11am: Participants with estimated 400metre swim times less than 7 minutes

12.30pm – General Entry Award Ceremony held in the Sandicliffe Triathlon Village

1pm-2.30pm – Elite Varsity Waves. These would be the top 8 female – four from UoN and four from NTU – and top 8 male – four from UoN and four from NTU – athletes and would be the races which determined the Varsity point.

3pm-3.30pm - Varsity Award Ceremony held in the Sandicliffe Triathlon Village

4pm - Transition Closes (although participants can collect their bikes earlier while yielding to those still racing)

Participants should arrive for registration in the University Park Fitness Centre at least one hour and 45 minutes prior to their wave start. Bikes must be racked in transition and participants must be poolside in the University Park Swimming Pool 15 minutes prior to their waves start time for a mandatory race briefing. Failure to attend this briefing will result in a participant's disqualification from the race.

Changing facilities and toilets will be available. Food and drink will be available for purchase in the Sandicliffe Triathlon Village. Prehability Sports Massage will also be available for purchase. TFN - Total Fitness will be on hand to provide you with any last minute kit or purchases.

Details of parking will be announced later, but upon arrival participants should head to the University Park Fitness Centre for registration. Transition is located nearby as is the pool.

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